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Staff Directory


Photo of Tracy Wong

Tracy Wong


Phone: 403-328-4723

Photo of Jamie Bach

Jamie Bach


Photo of Morgan Day

Morgan Day


Photo of Aaron Fitchett

Aaron Fitchett


Adminstrative Assistant

Photo of Sharon Olsen

Sharon Olsen

Administrative Assistant

Support Staff

Photo of Jenna Johnson

Jenna Johnson

Admin Support

Photo of Ruth McMahon

Ruth McMahon

Learning Commons

Photo of Darlene Urban

Darlene Urban

Admin Support


Photo of Stacey Bolton

Stacey Bolton

Teacher Counsellor

Photo of Ashley Mckenzie

Ashley Mckenzie

Family School Liaison Counsellor

placeholder image for Verne Virostek

Verne Virostek

Indigenous Grad Coach

Photo of Juliette Toledo

Juliette Toledo

Indigenous Grad Coach


Photo of Genevieve Ahart

Genevieve Ahart

Photo of Lindsey Baird

Lindsey Baird

Photo of Aaron Becking

Aaron Becking

Photo of Trena Benson

Trena Benson

Photo of Adedeji Bowoade

Adedeji Bowoade

Photo of Joel Bryant

Joel Bryant

Photo of Sarah Burton

Sarah Burton

Photo of Shannon Court

Shannon Court

Photo of Patti deGorter

Patti deGorter

Photo of Jonathan Dick

Jonathan Dick

Athletic Director

Photo of Nikolas George

Nikolas George

Photo of Darin Gibson

Darin Gibson

Photo of Myles Havinga

Myles Havinga

Photo of Jared Heidinger

Jared Heidinger

Photo of Joel Heyland

Joel Heyland

Photo of Kade Hogg

Kade Hogg

Photo of Omar Kadir

Omar Kadir

Photo of Koreen Klassen

Koreen Klassen

Photo of Alexa Koshman

Alexa Koshman

Photo of Michael Krokosh

Michael Krokosh

Photo of Clara Kuk

Clara Kuk

Photo of Andrea Lammers-Pottage

Andrea Lammers-Pottage

Photo of Yvette Lowen

Yvette Lowen

Photo of Gibion Makiwa

Gibion Makiwa

Photo of Kevin McBeath

Kevin McBeath

Photo of Chris Morden

Chris Morden

Photo of Emily Morrison

Emily Morrison

Photo of Nevin Morrison

Nevin Morrison

Photo of Katie Nelson

Katie Nelson

Photo of Rochelle Norton

Rochelle Norton

Photo of Sam Ojo

Sam Ojo

Photo of JJ Ondrus

JJ Ondrus

placeholder image for Pooja Permar

Pooja Permar

Photo of James Poapst

James Poapst

Photo of Jaime Roberts

Jaime Roberts

Photo of Deanna Sample

Deanna Sample

Photo of Jamel Sayyad

Jamel Sayyad

Photo of Amie Schaufele

Amie Schaufele

Photo of Bernadette Sciortino

Bernadette Sciortino

Photo of Patrick Shackeford

Patrick Shackeford

Photo of Angela Tavernini

Angela Tavernini

placeholder image for Aaron Thiesen

Aaron Thiesen

Photo of Jena Ursel Semach

Jena Ursel Semach

Photo of Geoff Waugh

Geoff Waugh

Educational Assistants

Photo of Ricky Bast

Ricky Bast

Photo of Liska Bergeron

Liska Bergeron

Photo of Nicala Bossert

Nicala Bossert

Photo of Jane Cameron

Jane Cameron

placeholder image for Donielle Dyck

Donielle Dyck

Photo of Eric Evanson

Eric Evanson

placeholder image for Tyler Johnson

Tyler Johnson

Educational Support

Photo of Dianne Mandel

Dianne Mandel

Photo of Vicki McKenzie

Vicki McKenzie

Photo of Anna Molenaar

Anna Molenaar

Photo of Elizabeth Pearson

Elizabeth Pearson

Photo of Dana Porowski

Dana Porowski

Photo of Karmyn Reid

Karmyn Reid

Photo of Rena Scratch

Rena Scratch

Photo of Jaclyn Teyke

Jaclyn Teyke

Educational Support

Photo of Leanne Turner

Leanne Turner


placeholder image for Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor


Photo of Kristy Macdonnell

Kristy Macdonnell


Photo of DJ Myndio

DJ Myndio

placeholder image for Brian Ogilvie

Brian Ogilvie

Photo of Christy Chollak

Christy Chollak

Photo of Naresh Parekh

Naresh Parekh

Photo of Heather Wozniczko

Heather Wozniczko