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Drama develops the whole person — emotionally, physically, intellectually, imaginatively, aesthetically and socially.  Drama classes foster positive group interaction as students learn to make accommodations in order to pursue shared goals.  Dramatic growth parallels the natural development of the student and is encouraged in a non-competitive atmosphere that is cooperative, supportive, joyful yet challenging.

Dance 9 - is an introduction to the exciting world of dance. We will explore unit such as rhythm & music, ballet, hiphop, cultural dance, creative/modern dance, and jazz.  The goal of Dance 9 is to have students exposed to a variety of types of dances, while gaining confidence in their own dance journey.

Dance 15/25 - (5 credits) 
Dance 15 provides opportunities to study various forms and aspects of dance. These may include Jazz, Hip Hop, Funk styles, Modern, choreography, anatomy and dance history. Classes are structured to focus on individual improvement in strength, technique, flexibility, and style. Students will have the opportunity to develop the technical skills necessary to create, perform and analyze dance. Students will have the opportunity to reflect and grow throughout the course. The aim of Dance 15/25 is to spark and interest and life long love of dance!

Drama 10/20/30

The Winston Churchill Highschool Drama  program is for anyone and everyone! Drama is a great place to meet friends, connect with others, and develop a stronger understanding of ones self. In Drama 10 students will be given the opportunity to explore various units of Drama such as improv, tech theatre, theatre history, voice, and movement. In Drama 20/30 students will focus on the Drama production as a whole. Students will be given the opportunity to take their skills from Drama 10 and apply them to a long form Drama production project. Projects could include an improv show, a one act, a radio play - the opportunities are endless! Most of Drama 20/30 is based upon student choice. 


Musical Theatre 15/25/35

The Winston Churchill Musical Theatre program is both a curricular and a co-curricular activity. There will be one class block dedicated to the course during the school day, students should also be prepared to attend lunchtime rehearsals as well as Friday afternoon rehearsals (approximately once a month). Students will earn credits in Musical Theatre while also having the opportunity to learn about the collaborative nature of fine arts and to experience firsthand the joys of being part of an intense learning activity. This Fall we will be working together to perform the musical Mean Girls written by Tina Fey. Mean Girls is an anthem to friendship, loyalty, girl power, and being true to yourself. Performances will run December 13-16 at the Sterndale Bennet Theatre.


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