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Patrick Shackeford

I finished my combined BSC/BEd degrees in December 2008 and started working in the Lethbridge School Division January 2009. I have subbed from elementary to high school and have worked on contracts at both Victoria Park High School and for the last 10 years here at Winston Churchill. I teach Science with a specialization in Biology as well as PE and the Churchill Health & Fitness Program. I love working out and training in Taekwondo in which I received my first-degree black belt in June 2022. I can be found working out in/supervising the fitness center during i2Time and after school or assistant instructing Taekwondo in Grand Master Gibson’s after school classes or at Legacy Taekwondo. In my spare time I love spending time with my wife of 9 years, Ashley and our three Pomeranians; Grizzy, Badger, and Reese. I also enjoy listening to heavy metal music and watching movies of all genres.