WCHS Grad 2020

Updated: January 14, 2020; Next Grad Directorate Meeting: January 14th, Room 3


*Drop-In "Yearbook Only" Photos: Even if you choose not to book a full sitting with LifeTouch, we do require Grade 12 students to take a "yearbook only" photo with LifeTouch. You can sign up for this in the office. These will be 5-minute time slots on January 16th from 8:30 - 11:30am. 

*Grad Gown Measurements: Students who are planning to convocate this spring, and who will not be on campus next semester (completed course requirements early), please go to see Sarah or Eric in the Learning Commons to get measured for your grad gown. Please do this before January 20th, 2020, because we might not see you next semester!

Grad Directorate Club: Grad Directorate, the student club that meets to plan for Grad 2020, gets together once per week on Thursdays in Room 3 (Lindsey's classroom). The purpose of this time is to plan for our Churchill Grad-related events this school year. Many decisions have been made already this year, such as: 

  • Theme: Starry Nights / Great Gatsby *hybrid theme*
  • Colour Combinations: Black and Silver, with dark royal blue (almost purple) 
  • Grad Quotes: 3 quotes have been chosen
  • Venue: Lethbridge College 

Grad Hoodies: Grad Hoodies have been added to the accounts (School Cash Online) for all current grade 12 students at WCHS. All you have to do, is full out the selections and make your online purchase. If you would like to pay with cash in person, please come to see Laura Kerr (Business Manager) in the office of the school. 

Hoodies are $35.00 each and come in blue or grey. Please see the photo. If you would like your name embroidered (white thread) on the sleeve, that will be an additional $5.00 charge. You must fill out a paper form (available from Aaron in the office) if you would like your name embroidered on the sleeve. The deadline to order your Grad Hoodie is Friday, January 17th 2020. 

Grad Portraits through LifeTouch: There is still one week of Grad sittings that you can book into. There is a $40.00 sitting fee that will be due to LifeTouch at the time of your appointment. LifeTouch will be at our school for the following week in January: 

  • January 13th - 17th 

The portrait photographers will be at our school and setup in the Office Conference Room for this week. You will find details about the portrait bookings through LifeTouch. Please follow the link below to book your portrait sitting: 

Once you arrive at the LifeTouch site, select Lethbridge as your location. From there it will allow you to follow the prompts until you can select Winston Churchill High School

If you have any questions about booking grad portraits at the school, please contact 403-328-4723 and ask for Aaron Fitchett. 

Grad Fees: All grad fees have been added to School Cash Online for grade twelve students. These are currently payable online. If you would like to make other arrangements, please come to the office to meet with our Business Manager. 

Grad 2020 Details: 
*Grad will take place at the Lethbridge College, Val Matteotti Gynasiums 
*Grad will take place over two evenings: Friday, June 26th & Saturday, June 27th
*Tentative times for the two WCHS grad events will be: 
*Friday, June 26th from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm (students arrive at 5:00 pm)
*Saturday, June 27th from 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm (students arrive at 6:00 pm)
*Please note, these times are subject to change 
*To accommodate the 2020 diploma exam schedule, we cannot host our convocation on Friday morning (as we have done in previous years)