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WCHS Grad 2022

Below is the most recent information about Grad 2022 at WCHS: 

  • INSTAGRAM PROFILE: If students would like to be featured on the Churchill Leadership Instagram Account as graduating seniors, there are instructions to forward a photo and information to Leadership. They can find those instructions in our “Churchill Gr. 12 Information” TEAM, or they can reach out to Aaron F for details. This is ongoing (no deadline currently).

  • YEARBOOK PROFILE: Joel Heyland and the Yearbook Committee would love to gather some information about graduating grade twelve students for the yearbook! The form to fill out is here. Students need to include their name, a quote they would like included next to their grad photo, and a short paragraph. (Deadline: Friday, April 1st)

  • BABY PHOTOS: We would love to feature a very popular aspect of graduation: the Grad Photo / Baby Photo side-by-side. If your graduating student would like their baby photo featured alongside their grad photo in our PowerPoint, there are instructions in our “Churchill Gr. 12 Information” TEAM, or they can reach out to Aaron F for details. Physical photos will be scanned and returned, or digital photos can be submitted. This is ongoing (no deadline currently).

  • GRAD HOODIES: There are no more grad hoodie orders for this school year. If your student ordered a hoodie but has not picked it up yet, it is waiting in the office. Paid hoodies can be picked up at any time. Unpaid hoodies just require payment through School Cash Online (or with cash in person) before they can be picked up. Please contact the office at 403-328-4723 with any questions.

  • GRAD PHOTOS (LIFETOUCH): The deadline has passed for a grad photo to be taken by LifeTouch and featured in our yearbook. Students can choose to still have their grad portrait taken through LifeTouch; the photos will not make it into our yearbook. To book a portrait session with LifeTouch, please contact Lisa Steinmann at 403-327-2658, extension 4, or by emailing Lisa.Steinmann@lifetouch.ca
    The LifeTouch studio is located at 1021 - 3rd Avenue South, in Lethbridge 

Graduation 2022 - Winston Churchill High School

At this time, WCHS is planning a Graduation event for Saturday June 25, 2022.

Grad Venue

Enmax Centre, Lethbridge Alberta

The student Grad Directorate has reviewed the events of the day on June 25th, and they propose the following general timeline for families to consider. We will confirm this with our venue provider ASAP and will share any updates, should the times change.

  • Morning Convocation
    9:00am – Graduates arrive at the Enmax Centre
    10:00am – Noon – Convocation Ceremony
  • Evening Program
    6:00pm – Doors Open / Graduates and Guests Arrive
    6:30pm – Grand Entrance (replaces the Grand March from previous years)
    7:00pm – Evening Program (this includes any speeches, etc.)
    *Dance to follow*
    The students of Grad Directorate have determined that they would like to offer a dance following the formal evening program. Further details to come!

Graduation Directorate

If you are in Grade 12 and are interested in volunteering for the student Grad Directorate, please send Aaron Fitchett a message via email or TEAMs. This is a volunteer group that helps make decisions around things like the grad theme each year. 

Grad Invitations for Family & Friends

At this time, we do not have a set limit on the number of guests who can attend either Convocation or the evening Graduation Celebration. We please ask that you are reasonable about who you invite. We have asked the venue provider and audio/visual technology company to assist us with a livestream again this year. We feel a livestream option will allow friends and family who cannot travel the opportunity to enjoy and celebrate with your family, even when they cannot travel. If your family is hoping to bring a large number of guests (e.g. more than 10) to Convocation of the evening Graduation Celebration, please discuss that with Aaron F. Otherwise, we trust your judgment on who to invite. We do not anticipate using a ticketing system at this time, but we will notify you if this changes.

Grad Gown Measurement

There are still a few students who have not submitted their height for their Grad Gown. This is a simple step we would like students to complete ASAP. We need to order a grad gown that fits properly. Please ask your grad if they have completed this form. Students can access this through our “Churchill Gr. 12 Information” TEAM.

Graduation 2022 - Grad Fee

The Grad Fee is now payable, and it has been added to School Cash Online for each student in grade 12. The fee for graduation this year is $85.00, and it includes:

  • Cap and Gown fee 
  • Diploma covers 
  • Rental fee at the venue 
  • Decorations 

If for some reason the grad fee has been added to your child's account in error, please contact Aaron Fitchett or Pauline Jongeling at the WCHS office: 403-328-4723. If you do not see a grad fee on your student's account (but you believe it should be there) please call us.