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National Film Board - Educational Playlists

Stop-Motion Animation Workshop

From the National Film Board of Canada website: "Experience the National Film Board of Canada’s stop-motion animation workshop online. This web module will teach you how to produce stop-motion animation videos and introduce you to NFB stop-motion animated films. It offers instructional videos and step-by-step lessons. The 7 lessons have been designed for an Intermediate (Grade 7–9) Art Curriculum. However, they can be easily modified to suit other age levels and subject areas."

Stop-Motion Animation Workshop


Winter Sports Films

From the National Film Board of Canada website: "Winter is the perfect time to bundle up, head outside and enjoy all that Canada has to offer in the way of outdoor recreation. From skating to skiing to curling, these films will educate, inform and delight—not to mention give you the urge to hit the rink, the slopes or the hill."

Winter Sports Films playlist 

Conquest of Space

From the National Film Board of Canada website: "On September 29, 1962, Canada joined the space race with the launch of Alouette 1, a satellite designed and built entirely in this country. This Canadian first made us only the fourth country to operate a satellite, after the USSR, the United States and the United Kingdom.
Discover more about this and other extra-planetary events in our playlist of films on space and space exploration."

Conquest of Space playlist 

Educational Playlists from the National Film Board of Canada

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