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Scenario 3: Move to at-home learning

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Winston Churchill High School on Watch status- AHS

Alberta Health Services has been working closely with Lethbridge School Division to support and manage the safety of our schools.
On Oct. 30, Lethbridge School Division received notice Winston Churchill High School has been placed on Watch status. As a result, Winston Churchill High School is required to follow AHS direction and protocols.
The Alberta Government declares a Watch status when: a school has FIVE or more cases where COVID-19 could have been acquired or transmitted in the school.
As of Nov. 25, AHS has notified the Division that there are now eight COVID-19 cases at Winston Churchill High School. At this time, based on advice from AHS, Winston Churchill High School will remain open. As of Nov. 30, WCHS, like all high school across Alberta, will shift to at-home learning
AHS has defined close contacts of the eight cases within the school context, and those individuals have been contacted by the school through an emailed letter.
Those individuals are now required to quarantine immediately for the period defined by the close-contact letter.
To ensure students remain connected to their teachers and to the school community, Winston Churchill has a plan in place to deliver online education.
For students whose teachers have been directed to quarantine by AHS, their classes will be taught online, by their teachers, via Microsoft TEAMS. Students will remain home (only for those classes) to continue learning with their subject-specialist teachers.
Students who are not in quarantine, who have other classes where their teachers are still in school, will attend those classes in person. For example, a student may stay home to learn on TEAMS with their teacher for Math, but then come to school for any other classes that day. Online learning will only occur as long as the teacher is asked to quarantine, which is typically 14 days.
For students asked to quarantine, their teachers will continue to support their learning through Microsoft TEAMS.
For students who currently have a teacher in isolation, Winston Churchill staff will communicate with them regarding a timeline for their class being online.

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