WCF – Winston Churchill Fundraising


How Does the Program Work?

  1. Purchase grocery gift cards on the designated order date (once per month) in the WCHS Cafeteria. You can purchase gift cards from Sobeys/Safeway, Presidents Choice and Save On Foods year round. You can purchase cards on behalf of relatives and close friends. The more you purchase, the more you benefit.
  2. Pick up your cards on the designated pick up date in the WCHS Cafeteria.
  3. Use the cards as cash when you do your grocery shopping. A specified percentage of your card purchase (i.e., rebate) is deposited into a fund in your child’s name to go towards Sport fees, equipment for school sports, School Travel, Grad Fees, Grad Ring, Grad Tickets, Grad Photography.

Still have questions? Contacts: Jonathan Dick @ 403-328-4723 or